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Journal of Synthetic Crystals, a monthly professional publication started 1972, is the only academic journal in the field of synthetic crystals in China. Journal of Synthetic Crystals covers all aspects of theoretical and practical research of bulk crystals, artificial microstructure materials, Low-dimensional crystalline materials and those for medicine, including basic theory, growth dynamic, structure and performance characterization, device building, starting-material synthesis and manufacturing of synthetic equipment, and as well introduces development and conferences in the related field home and abroad.

Journal of Synthetic Crystals is rated Peking University Library Chinese Core Journal and CITIC Technology Core Journal. It is included in CAJ (CD), CDDB, VIP, Chaoxing domestically and CAS, SCOPUS, JST and other databases internationally.

Journal of Synthetic Crystals publishes original manuscripts in the form of scientific research papers, comprehensive reviews, research bulletins and newsletters written in Chinese or English. The submission procedure of Journal of Synthetic Crystals is simple, the review speed is fast, and the publication period is short. Researchers are welcome to call and contribute.


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