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Superhard Materials and Tools

Single crystal diamond tools

Diamond saw blade It is mainly used for edge cutting of marble, granite, sandstone, slate and various stone materials. It is suitable for bridge cutting machine and various manual cutting machines. Ac...

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Diamond precision cutting tools

CVD diamond cutting tools have the finish of natural diamond tools, and their service life is more than 100 times that of cemented carbide tools. It is suitable for processing silicon aluminum alloy, ...

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CVD diamond film and its products

CVD diamond , a new type of diamond sheet material, can be used in many industries CVD diamond is chemical vapor deposition diamond. CVD diamond does not contain any metal or nonmetal additives. It ha...

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Catalyst Powder for Synthesizing Diamonds

The catalyst powder is an iron-based powder. The preparation process mainly includes high temperature melting, high pressure water atomization and vacuum drying, annealing. The catalyst powder and its...

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