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Dezhong Shen

Dezhong Shen (1940.6.13 -- 2014.04.05), chief expert of Sinoma Crystals Research Institute, famous crystal material scientist in China, member of the 9th, 10th and 11th CPPCC National Committee. In 1964, he graduated from the Department of Physics of Sichuan University and was assigned to work in the Institute of Nonmetallic Minerals of the Ministry of Construction (the predecessor of Sinoma Crystals Research Institute). He was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1995. In September 1996, he was appointed as PhD supervisor of Chemistry Department of Tsinghua University.

Academician Dezhong Shen has worked hard all his life in SINOIC Intraocular Lens Research Institute. Led by Academician Shen, the nonlinear crystals such as titanium oxide phosphate (KTP), potassium niobate (KN) and cesium lithium borate (CLBO) have made many original scientific research achievements and made outstanding contributions to maintaining China's leading position in the world in this field.

Among them, KN crystal is a nonlinear optical crystal with excellent electro-optic, photorefractive, piezoelectric and other properties. In 1986, the United States 48 nonlinear optical experts meeting in Annapolis, Maryland, to KN as planned investment of $fifty million in ten years one of the five kinds of nonlinear crystal of key research, first developed the size 55 Dezhong Shen academician 1985 x 53 x 15 mm3 the largest KN effect on international crystal, hughes company cooperation with the United States, for the first time in the world realize the pure 162 ℃ from KN crystal pumped phase conjugation effect; In cooperation with Peking University, the self-pumped phase conjugation effect of Kn :Fe crystal at room temperature has been realized internationally for the first time, and the reflectivity reaches 74.8%. The research achievement of KN crystal won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress in 1988, and explored the application of KN crystal in 096 project laser fusion driver as electro-optic deflector.

KTP crystals were developed by the American DuPont Company in the 1970s. The U.S. government regarded KTP crystals as highly confidential high-tech products and strictly restricted their export to non-allied countries. Dezhong Shen academician since 1983 on the crystallization behavior of KTP crystal, creatively puts forward a kind of special flux method growing KTP technology, flux method is used successfully for the first time in the world grow can be used for the actual frequency doubling of large size, high optical quality KTP crystal, for the first time in the world at that time the average power output 33 W green, green light output 6.5 W in a row, broke the American monopoly on the crystal and the embargo on China. Because the technology can grow much larger than the method of hydrothermal KTP crystal size, especially to big Z section, so that in the 70 s, long out of the KTP crystal and water hot method is applied for a patent of the United States dupont instead of order from Dezhong Shen crystal court academician laboratory big Z section of KTP crystal, member of national science and technology commission in 1987 agreed to Dezhong Shen laboratory sold to the United States dupont big Z section of KTP chip used in the study of integrated optical waveguide, dupont for 1988 $90000 funding Dezhong Shen academician laboratory to carry out further research, member of Dezhong Shen laboratory not only earn millions of dollars in foreign currency, Moreover, it has greatly improved China's reputation in the international crystal growth field. Laser pulse precision shaping is the key technology to produce laser nuclear explosion simulation, and electro-optic modulated crystal is the core of the technology. The comprehensive electro-optic characteristics of KTP crystal are among the best, which is especially suitable for the use in laser systems with high response speed, peak power and high repetition frequency. Flux-grown KTP has been widely known as an excellent frequency doubling crystal in the world, but its excellent electro-optical properties have not been applied in practice, the fundamental reason is that the electrical conductivity is too large to apply the modulation voltage.

The mid - 90 - s in the world by using special technology of the flux of KTP conductivity reduce 3 orders of magnitude, and successfully used in national key project shekinah Ⅲ engineering prototype. In December 2000, it passed the technical appraisal. It is the first time that the KTP crystal grown by flux method has been successfully applied in electro-optic modulation, which belongs to the international leading level. The development of new large size electro-optic crystal KTP won the first prize of national defense science and technology progress in 2001, and the preparation technology of new large size electro-optic crystal titanium potassium phosphate crystal won the second prize of national science and technology progress in 2003. KTP crystal growth with top flux seed method was awarded the DuPont Technology Innovation Award by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2001.