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Catalyst Powder for Synthesizing Diamonds

The catalyst powder is an iron-based powder. The preparation process mainly includes high temperature melting, high pressure water atomization and vacuum drying, annealing. The catalyst powder and its composite powder with graphite are widely used in synthesizing diamonds by belt-type press or cubic press. The technology and quality of our catalyst powder are at advanced level at home, its market share and production scale reaching 25 %, 1000 tons /year respectively.


Catalyst Powder for Synthesizing Diamonds     Catalyst Stick for Synthesizing Diamonds

Main Properties

Oxygen content                ≤3000ppm

Loose density                  3.5-4.0g/cm3

Effective ingredients             ≥99%


Mesh size: –320mesh, –200mesh, 200/320mesh

The products with other specifications and formulations are also offered according to the customers’ demands.

Other Products

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