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Xu Zhang

At the National Conference on Science and Technology Innovation on May 30, 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, "Throughout the history of human development, innovation has always been an important force for the development of a country and a nation, and also for the development of the whole human society." Xu Zhang, a professor-level senior engineer in Crystal College, was deeply touched by the speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and incorporated the instructions and instructions of General Secretary Xi into his daily scientific research work.

Infrared window material is an important optical components of infrared thermal imaging system, is in the forefront of the infrared optical system, a lot of high-end equipment, in particular, because of the bad environment application places (such as high speed aircraft, missiles, etc.), infrared window material can't meet the functional requirements, need to window function improved, and the European and American developed country in the core technology has been to China for the transport restrictions, which requires domestic scientific research personnel to improve the optical and mechanical performance of the infrared window, in order to achieve the requirement.

Since Xu Zhang entered the Crystal Institute, with a practical work style, a solid theoretical foundation and the spirit of innovation, he has conducted in-depth research on the functional improvement of infrared window surface and the surface modification of substrate materials, and solved a number of technical problems. Xu Zhang and her team have integrated cross-field innovative technologies and introduced technologies from other fields into infrared window preparation and surface function improvement for the first time. They have successively completed independent equipment upgrading and transformation, process improvement and so on, and solved a number of key technical problems. Xu Zhang has carried out a lot of detailed research work to improve the ion energy in the process control, so that the window surface strength is greatly improved. Besides improving the optical performance of the window, the ability of infrared window to use in harsh environment is significantly enhanced. The team has successfully developed a surface protection scheme against aerodynamic/thermal failure under high Mach number flight, which greatly improves the environmental adaptability of the window and meets the needs of infrared imaging seeker for high speed flight for infrared window. The product performance is at the leading level in the world. At present, the product has been batch used in a key model, to meet the use needs of the high-end model.

Technology innovation is not happen overnight, zhang and her team of unremitting efforts, overcome various difficulties, in ten years grinding sword of the spirit, silent and cultivated on infrared material functional improvements, presided over and participated in more than ten items of scientific research projects, published papers, the infrared material surface performance optimization, the third generation window element level ZnS material performance improvements, administered made outstanding contribution. Xu Zhang and her team won the first and second prize of China Building Materials Group's Science and Technology Progress Award in 2018 and 2019 respectively, which supported the construction of national defense and military industry and achieved good social and economic benefits.