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Shaofeng Zhang

Shaofeng Zhang , master of chemistry department, Tsinghua university, senior engineer at professor level. Currently, he is the director of Crystal Factory of Shuoguang Special Crystal Technology Co., Ltd., which is held by IOCR, the academic leader of Piezoelectric Crystal Materials of IOCR, the member of Science and Technology Committee of China Electronic Components Industry Association, and the member of IOCR Technology Committee (CSTM/FC03/TC16) of Building Materials Field Committee of China Materials and Testing Group Standards Committee.

In July 1999, Shaofeng Zhang , with the dream of working in a big city and the dream of a scientific worker, went to the Institute of Lens Research. In the orientation class for college students, he learned that the Institute of Intraocular Crystals, founded in 1963, was more sophisticated than he had expected. The project of "high-quality large-size artificial crystal" developed made up for the deficiency of natural crystal, filled many gaps in China, and won a number of awards such as the second prize for national scientific and technological progress. All these deeply attracted him, and from this crystal artificial crystal formed an indissoluble bond, determined to pick up the baton of predecessors, climb new heights, do artificial crystal technology leader.

After taking root in the crystal factory, Shaofeng Zhang tarted from scratch. On the one hand, he learned from Professor Dachen Hua, a famous national expert of artificial crystal in China and senior consultant of Shuoguang Company, to understand the application field and industry development of artificial crystal and broaden his vision. While working hard, combined with the theoretical knowledge, the accumulation of practical experience. Professor Hua appreciate the studious young man, and told him our country artificial crystal from scratch, since the childhood, to a glorious history: the non-metallic mineral research institute (formerly crystal court) was founded, a batch of the fifties and sixties cultivation of college students, of the People's Republic of China in the absence of system information, no experience, no ready-made equipment, under the condition of artificial crystal difficult venture began. In November 1974, the artificial crystal developed by the Crystal Institute was successfully used as a neutron filter in nuclear reactors. After that, it began to be widely applied in the field of high-end components. In 1977, they developed the "large size artificial optical crystal and piezoelectric crystal" project won the National Science and Technology Conference in recognition......

Shaofeng Zhang  was very impressed and moved by the achievements made by the forefathers with their hard work and wisdom. Over the past 20 years, he has taken predecessors as an example, made bold assumptions in scientific research, actively sought proof, rooted in the front line in work and personally experienced, and won the full recognition of his work. He was awarded as outstanding Communist Party member of Sinoma High-tech and outstanding cadre of Shuoguang Company.

Shaofeng Zhang 's R & D team developed the single-sided growth of artificial quartz crystal industrialization project, single crystal first-class product rate reached more than 95%, the quality reached the international advanced level; The artificial quartz crystal for high reliable filter is developed to meet the irradiation resistance requirements of Shenzhou series and other spacecraft filter banks. The large size and high transmittance artificial quartz crystal wave plate developed not only meets the sensitivity requirements of the depolarizer assembly of satellite spectral detector, but also breaks the monopoly of Sawyer Company in the USA and the long-term embargo to China. The application research of artificial quartz crystal in deep ultraviolet, mid-infrared and terahertz band will provide high-quality artificial quartz crystal materials for deep ultraviolet window, mid-infrared laser front and rear mirror and terahertz imaging system. These research for national defense and aerospace construction in China has made an important contribution, he successively won the second prize of the Beijing municipal science and technology prize, the national building materials industry technical innovation won third prize and the national building materials industry standard such as advanced individual awards and titles, and included in the haidian district of Beijing science and technology star plans and young talent plan.

Zhang did not rest on his laurels, nor did he let setbacks hold him back. As a member of the Communist Party of China, he stays true to his original aspiration and keeps his mission firmly in mind. Based on the academic platform of Crystal Institute, he takes the user as the focus, takes the market as the orientation and targets the national new infrastructure industry demand. He continues to work hard in the field of artificial crystal and makes his own contribution to the development of artificial crystal.