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Sinoma Synthetic Crystals (Shandong)Co., Ltd.

In response to the national innovation-driven development and the implementation of the "Double Hundred Action" reform pilot program and the strategic framework of CNBM for the development of synthetic srystals materials, Sinoma Synthetic Crystals (Shandong)Co., Ltd. was established in Zhangqiu in June 2020.

Sinoma Crystals (Shandong) to build a national synthetic crystal industrialization demonstration base in Zhangqiu. Firstly, it is oriented to the national major needs and is committed to solving the key tasks related to the " technology bottleneck " of synthetic crystal materials. Secondly, it is oriented to the main battlefield of national economy and forms the " Hidden champions " of independent core industry; thirdly, it is oriented to the industry and serves the local area and builds the "government, industry, academia, research and financial services". Thirdly, we will serve the local community by building a national “Entrepreneurship and Innovation platform” of "government, industry, academia, research and gold taking" and constructing an ecological innovation chain that combines innovation chain and industry chain.

At present, Sinoma Crystals (Shandong) has 50,000 square meters of standard workshop, 4,500 square meters of R&D office building and 200 hectare of land under planning in Zhangqiu District. In the near future, Sinoma Crystals (Shandong) will undertake the relocation of the production lines of alloy powder, mica insulator and diamond, and focus on the development of optical window crystal materials, build the production line of all-wavelength band transmissive crystals covering UV, visible, mid-infrared and far-infrared, establish the R&D and production platform of infrared crystals, and integrate the material preparation, processing, coating and optical testing in the optical window crystal materials industry.

  Sinoma Crystals (Shandong) will give full play to the advantages of national research institutes in technology development, innovation-driven development, integrate local industrial resources, cultivate industrial clusters, and promote high-quality development of related industries.