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Single crystal diamond tools

Diamond saw blade

It is mainly used for edge cutting of marble, granite, sandstone, slate and various stone materials. It is suitable for bridge cutting machine and various manual cutting machines. According to the quartz content in different stone materials, we design and produce marble and granite edge cutting diamond circular saw blades. At the same time, we can provide anechoic or non anechoic saw blades according to customers' needs. The hole diameter and special specifications of the saw blades can be customized according to customers' requirements, and the cutter head can be provided according to customers' requirements.

Diamond thin wall engineering bit

Features of diamond thin-wall engineering bit: the diamond thin-wall engineering bit is made of high-quality synthetic diamond and advanced hot pressing technology. It is suitable for rapid drilling and core drilling of reinforced concrete, stone, refractory and other materials. The form of thin-wall engineering bit is divided into internal cooling and external cooling according to the cooling mode; specification: φ 2mm - φ 600mm, and the size of central hole is provided according to the user's requirements.