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Zhenwu Xuan

In October 2015, Xi jinping, general secretary of the visit to Manchester university, national institute of graphene, points out that in the new round of industrial upgrading and science and technology revolution, new material industry will become the foundation for the future high technology and new technology industry development and guide, for the global economy development, science and technology, environment and other fields have a profound impact. Among the new materials, diamond has excellent performance in mechanical, electronic, optical and thermal aspects and chemical inertia, which is well known as a comprehensive limit material. The Crystal Institute has such a senior expert who has been committed to the research and development of CVD diamond functional materials -- Zhenwu Xuan, because of his outstanding contribution in the field of CVD diamond, won the "Celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China" in 2019.

Zhenwu Xuan, professoral-level senior engineer, winner of the special government allowance of the State Council, is currently the technical director of the R&D center of SINOMA Crystals., and the academic leader of CVD diamond functional materials. Xuan zhenwu professor since 1987 engaged in the research work of superhard materials, more than 30 years has always been focused on CVD diamond technology research and development and achievements, research levels including large size mechanical/optical diamond thick film as well as the large size of the diamond film preparation, processing and application technology series, solve the large size of diamond thick film industrialization of a series of technical problems, the team in the country for the first time on CVD diamond cutting and polishing processing, lay a foundation for the application of diamond in tool; The problems such as poor consistency in the preparation of large-size diamond film and the warping of large-size diamond matrix have been solved, which has laid a foundation for the application and development of CVD diamond products in optics, electricity, acoustics and thermal fields. Zhenwu Xuan hosted and participated in the national natural science funds, 863 plans, military equipment and a number of research projects, "diamond film preparation and application development tools" won the national scientific and technological progress second prize, the high-frequency key materials and surface acoustic wave device in the "research" won first prize of Beijing science and technology progress as well as a number of provincial awards, won the national building the state personnel department awarded the "national building materials system model worker", silicate association "young scientists" and so on a number of honorary titles.

Recently, Zhenwu Xuan and his team with the advantage of domestic micro drill coating manufacturer cooperation, using physical vapor deposition technology in the cemented carbide surface coating diamond-like coating, developed a high precision of DLC film cemented carbide drill, used in high frequency PCB processing, its features are quick in cutting speed, long service life, as well as good wear resistance, especially suitable for high frequency PCB processing, products have been applied in main mobile phone manufacturers such as huawei, produced good economic benefit. Ozone to bacteria, viruses have efficient broad-spectrum disinfection sterilization effect, face the problem of shortage of the current sanitizers domestic product Zhenwu Xuan and his team based on many years research developed the boron diamond film (BDD) electrode, solve the problem of the resistivity of the controllable and uniformity, and as the core to develop a portable hand sanitizers equipment, low use cost, disinfection sterilization high efficiency, make up for the traditional disinfection sterilization products, power current battle of the resistance to disease.

The CPC Central Committee has formulated a long-term strategy for China's science and technology toward 2030, and decided to carry out a number of major science and technology projects. We need to speed up the development of key and core technologies to meet the country's major strategic needs, so as to seize the commanding heights of science and technology strategies that have a long-term and overall impact. Zhenwu Xuan said that diamond is the ultimate material in all aspects, and will play a leading role in this round of innovation and promote scientific and technological progress. As the academic leader, Professor Zhenwu Xuan and his team will be market-oriented and innovation-driven to make diamond materials well and realize the application of diamond. He will stay true to his original aspiration and devote himself to passion and dedication.